Our Team

Luis Orozco


Luis moved to Vancouver from Colima, Mexico in 2006 and has since made a name for himself as an extremely hard working, dedicated, and skilled mason and landscaper. After over 14 years of experience working for some of Vancouver’s biggest landscape companies Luis started Colima Masonry and Paving Ltd in May, 2018. The same year Luis’ company was born he became a father for the first time, fulfilling his biggest dream. When not working Luis enjoys camping, traveling and heading out of the city with his family especially to their family cabin near Lillooet.

Maxime Toniol

Project Lead

Max first started working for Colima in 2020, however Luis and Max have a long history of working together during their time at one of Vancouver’s biggest landscape companies. Max graduated from the “Federation compagnonique des métiers du bâtiment” where he graduated with certifications in the masonry and construction fields. Max is highly skilled in all areas of masonry and also has a great deal of knowledge and experience with softscape installations and carpentry. He has a “can do” altitude and is always up for a challenge. He is also extremely efficient and has a great work ethic. He plays a key role in Colima Masonry and Paving Ltd’s success.

Shannon Mendes

Regenerative Landscape Designer

As Luis’ business continues to grow he has made more partnerships to bring his clients the very best. One of his most favored partnerships is with Shannon Mendes owner of Rock, Soil and Seed. Shannon is a very experienced Landscape designer, she has a strong commitment to including sustainability and beauty in her designs.


At Colima Masonry and Paving Ltd. we strive to provide the best customer service experience and professional installations that meet and exceed our clients expectations. The construction industry has changed a lot in recent years and many companies have implemented programs and policies on sustainability to reduce their impact on the environment. As part of our sustainability program, we recycle as many excess materials as we can and reduce as much waste as possible from our installations. Among these actions, you can find us recycling metal, hard and soft plastics, repurposing concrete, and plant pots. When able to use electric tools over gas-powered tools. We also take simple actions like reusing a spacer for several jobs to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. We are committed to protecting our planet now and for future generations.