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Stonework for Superior Durability and Design

The team at Colima Masonry & Paving are the leading stonework experts in Vancouver and British Columbia. Call us today at (778) 713-2316 to learn about permanent natural stone hardscaping for your property.

Stonework can help you expand your living space and make your outdoor areas the go-to location for family time and entertaining. The options provided by natural stone are limited only by your imagination and the contour and space your land offers. 

The most effective use of stonework depends on careful site assessment, design, and planning. Our experts will thoroughly discuss your concepts with you in the context of your budget and what your property makes possible.

Natural Stone Outdoor Design Concepts

Natural stone is a superior choice for any outdoor hardscaping project. Trust us to help with the following.

Patios and Fire Pits

A comfortable and attractive patio expands your living space and adds directly to your property’s curb appeal.

Many patios we design and build include permanent fireplaces or fire pits. Natural stonework makes these areas a stunning centrepiece for comfortable heating and ambiance.


Natural stone provides the perfect choice for a safe and artistic pathway from curbs and driveways to porches and outdoor spaces. 

Sandstone or flagstone are excellent choices for walkways, as they are permeable and well-suited for integration into stairways and slopes because of their irregular shapes and rustic features.

Retaining Walls

Natural stone is a highly durable and sturdy choice for retaining walls. It provides fantastic visual appeal and has the strength to hold soil in place.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking and dining spaces have become a top choice for hardscaping designs. Many homeowners now use natural stonework to create entire kitchens in their outdoor living space. 

We design custom stonework for outdoor grills, stovetops, ovens, sinks, refrigerators, and more to build the ultimate food experience.

How Stonework Improves Your Property

Hardscaping with natural stonework is a sustainable choice to reduce water usage, improve the flow of water, and prevent unnecessary and destructive erosion. 

Stonework is excellent for use in rain gardens, where pavers and accents act as irrigation structures that hold water for absorption while providing proper drainage.

Natural stone can blend into your existing landscaping features and architecture. It provides a beautiful extension of indoor living space to the outside. Compared with standard lawn space or turf, stone is extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting.

You can choose between several different types of natural stone, depending on your design preferences and needs. The spectrum of colours and textures available in granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, and others gives homeowners virtually unlimited combinations and styles.

Colima Masonry & Paving Creates Hardscapes Built Around Custom Stonework

Luis Orozco leads Colima Masonry & Paving in its mission to deliver the best stonework designs and installations in Vancouver and British Columbia. We aim to help clients explore their options and find something that suits their needs.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to stonework or outdoor design. Every project we work on is as unique as the land it is designed for. We emphasize total customer satisfaction and work hard to bring your design concepts to life. 

Call Colima Masonry & Paving at (778) 713-2316 for more information about a quote for your stonework plans and to start making your hardscaping concept a reality.

Stonework FAQs

Does Custom Stonework Add to My Home’s Value?

Custom stonework adds directly to a home’s market value. Real estate experts find that natural stone provides the best return on investment of any building material used in British Columbia.

Custom stonework can incorporate the same plumbing, electricity, and gas lines you enjoy inside your house. Natural stone works with all utilities, whether you want gas for an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, a shower in a poolhouse, or any electric fixtures.

Experts consider sandstone the most slip-resistant natural stone. It is a sedimentary rock made up of grains of minerals, rocks, and organic material like shells. Generally, the more quartz a stone contains, the less slippery it will be. Many homeowners select sandstone for walking surfaces, especially around pools.

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