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Permeable Tile

Have you ever wondered how to help stormwater runoff dissipate while making your outdoor area look fantastic? With Colima Masonry & Paving’s permeable tile installation services, you can do just that with quality permeable pavers. We install these permeable concrete solutions so that walkable areas can serve a dual purpose–style and practical drainage.

Sustainable permeable tile options will help your property combine the resourcefulness of natural ground with the solidity of concrete repairs, paths, and refurbishments. It’s the perfect balance to mitigate rainwater while providing solid ground so in that way permeable pavement offers the best of both worlds for patio options.

An environmentally conscious design from Colima Masonry & Paving like this provides elegant yet sturdy solutions. You can mix the natural greenery of your yard with concrete designs. Consider permeable tile for the following benefits:

Environmental stability: Permeable tiles work with the soil to provide an even and stable walkway but do not completely eliminate your grass. Greenery shows through, giving your property that unbeatable blend of concrete and natural earth.

Water mitigation: Permeable tiling works with your soil in a pattern. Floodwaters and rain won’t erode the soil as easily that way.

  • Cost efficiency: You aren’t installing a solid slab of concrete, so you might save some money by using permeable tile.
  • Easy maintenance and durability: Aside from easy moss prevention, permeable tile is also easy to maintain. It is just as durable as your average concrete tile.
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