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Learn Why Firepits Are Great Additions to Your Backyard

Create a stunning outdoor escape with the help of our team. Call 778-713-2316 now to get started.

Whether you love hosting outdoor events or want to expand your outdoor living space, a custom fire pie can elevate your backyard. Trust Colima Masonry & Paving with the job. 

The design possibilities are endless when you trust us with your vision. Just tell us your design goals, and we’ll bring them to life

Warm Up Your Outdoor Space With a Bespoke Firepit

Fall nights will never be the same after you add a firepit to your backyard. You can enjoy the warmth of a contained fire while sipping hot cocoa or roasting marshmallows for smores.

However, you don’t have to wait until temperatures drop to enjoy your new addition — you can utilize your firepit whenever you please.

Why Are Firepits Beneficial to Homeowners?

Investing in a firepit instantly elevates your outdoor space. Firepits add value to your property, especially when they have built-in benches. If you choose to sell your home in the future, you’ll enjoy an excellent return on investment with outdoor additions.

Additionally, firepits provide space and opportunity for family gatherings, get-togethers for friends, and other parties. Just imagine the core memories you’ll make or the awesome stories you’ll share with the people you love while relaxing around the fire.

Choose the Best Firepit for Your Outdoor Space

Once you decide to build a firepit, it’s time to choose the best one for your property. There are two main options: gas and wood-burning fire pits.

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits blend the best of style and convenience. Thanks to modern technology, you can start a fire by pushing a button. This option also requires very little maintenance. 

Wood-Burning Fire Pits

As the name suggests, wood-burning fire pits use natural wood. You and your family can enjoy the aromatic smells and relaxing sounds of burning wood when in use. Just be sure to keep it clean to prevent buildup and wear. 

Don’t Settle for a Cookie-Cutter Design

No two properties are alike, so your firepit should reflect your unique personality and design goals. That’s why we custom-design each fire pit to complement your outdoor space. While some clients know exactly what they want, others have a hard time fleshing out their ideas.

If you’re the latter, you can find inspiration by speaking with our team. We’d be happy to assess the size and layout of your outdoor space and recommend a few designs that meet your needs.

Enjoy Your Firepit for Many Years to Come

Your firepit sits outside, exposed to the elements. To brave harsh weather conditions, it needs to be structurally sound. Since we use high-quality materials, your firepit can stand up to wind, rain, snow, and sun with ease. 

As masonry experts, we also follow proven building methods to produce long-lasting results. You can rest easy, knowing that your firepit was designed to last.

Let’s Get Started on Your Firepit

Colima Masonry & Paving is eager to build a quality firepit for your outdoor living space. With our over 14 years of experience, you can trust our team to nail your vision. Our exceptional customer service, coupled with our attention to detail, makes our team the best fit for the job.

Our process is simple — just let us know your design goals, and we’ll handle the rest. To get started, call 778-713-2316. You may also email

Frequently Asked Questions About Firepits

Are firepits safe?

Firepits are safe when used appropriately. Like any fire-related activity, you must never leave it unattended. You’ll also want to use appropriate burning materials and maintain a cleaning schedule. Once the party’s over, make sure the fire is completely extinguished.

You can build a firepit anywhere on your property — as long as it’s 10 feet away from other structures. Some people like to add firepits to their:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Backyard patios
  • Seating areas  

No, firepits are not the same as bonfires. While both provide heat, firepits are contained, whereas bonfires are free-standing. Additionally, firepits are smaller and significantly safer since they’re easy to control.

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