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Your property’s driveway is more than a pathway for your vehicles and visitors–a Colima Masonry & Paving driveway is always an opportunity to make a great first impression. It is one of the first surfaces that everyone sees in front of your home, garage, and storage space. That’s why a decent driveway provides both a stable entryway and an attractive precursor to the rest of your home. 

With Colima Masonry & Paving, we provide a unique driveway for you that stands out with custom material options, including everything from brick to cobblestone. A front and center defining feature, the driveway is almost as important as your front yard. We want to help you design a custom surface that suits your needs because you shouldn’t have to compromise on your creative freedom for the sake of a stable surface to drive or walk on.

How do we offer you versatility? We employ all kinds of methods for creating your perfect driveway, including a choice of materials that include the following:

  • Concrete paving: For conservative builds, concrete slabs do the job of a subtle and solid look.
  • Brick paving: Installing a brick driveway can make your landscape look warm and inviting, especially with a copper brick aesthetic. With us, you can also enjoy brick without worrying about annoying unevenness.
  • Cobblestone: Are you going for a more stylish driveway option? Work with us to achieve a perfect blend of stability and customization with classic cobblestones!
  • Granite pavement: If you want long-lasting value, the solid look and feel of custom granite blends seamlessly with any front driveway. It speaks volumes about your commitment to quality and luxury, too.
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