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BBQ Areas

If you’re planning on installing an outdoor kitchen, why not get Colima Masonry & Paving to help with the BBQ areas? The team understands that having an outdoor BBQ area isn’t simply an extension of your kitchen–it’s where families and friends entertain, socialize, and enjoy what nature has to offer. So, whether you use your outdoor area for parties, leisure time, or fresh air, Colima Masonry & Paving can help.

Let’s make your BBQ areas match your stylish driveways and other gorgeously neat, solid concrete areas. Anyone can have a grill outside, but our craftsmanship ensures a custom outdoor area where cookouts, gatherings, and other celebrations bring people closer together. With us installing your BBQ area, expect the following:

  • Integrated countertops and grills for outdoor spaces.
  • Designs that fit not just your needs but your preferred aesthetics.
  • Quality workmanship for durability, attention to detail, and safety.
  • Custom seating arrangements that make everyone comfortable.
  • Intricate tile design options so the outdoor space can look as stylish as possible.

Whether you want stairs, a path, or even lights installed on outdoor fixtures, Colima Masonry & Paving does the job. In fact, each and every component we use for our BBQ areas, stairs, pathways, and fixtures is durable and in accordance with local safety standards, which is why so many property owners trust us for permeable tile, driveways, patio repairs, paths, and refurbishments, as well.

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